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Fine Chemical

Fine Chemical - Main 6 Fields

Main 6 Fields

Monomer & Polymer & Plastics Paint & Ink & Coating
slipping agent, anti-retardant, anti-scorching agent, vulcanizing agent, polymerizing initiator, catalyst,masterbatch, etc. dispersant,leveling agent, polymeryzing initiator, dryer, cross-linking agent, anti-scraching agent, improver for water and weather resistance, etc.
Reagents & Organic intermmidiateAdhessive
various reagents, organic intermediate, other chemicals with specific chemical structure, etc. water-base, organic base various additives, polymeryzing initiator, catalyst, cross-linking agent, etc.
Electronic materials Water treatment & Environmental chemicals
IT related chemicals such as for inkject coating paper, LCD, plasma display, OLED, MOCVD, handy phone, etc. biodegradable chemicals, etc.

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